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National parks in Croatia
About Croatia > National Parks of Croatia
  1. National Park Krka
  2. National Park Kornati
  3. National Park Mljet
  4. National Park Brijuni
  5. National Park Plitvice lakes
  6. National Park Paklenica
  7. National Park Risnjak
  8. National Park Velebit
  National Park Krka
For two-thirds of its course Krka River flows through canyons, forming on its way to the sea numerous lakes and waterfalls. With its seven travertine waterfalls with a total height of 242 m, Krka is a natural and karst phenomenon. It is the largest travertine cascade system in Europe. The Krka National Park is located entirely within the territory of Šibenik-Knin County. It was proclaimed a national park in 1985. Skradinski Buk is the seventh, final and longest travertine barrier on the Krka River. Skradinski Buk is considered to be one of the most beautiful calcium carbonate waterfalls in Europe.
  National Park Kornati
The Kornati archipelago is located in northern Dalmatia, west from Šibenik. With 150 islands, islets and rocks, in a sea area of about 320 km² Kornati islands are the densest and the most indented archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. In all, eighty-nine of the 150 islands, islets and reefs of the Kornati archipelago were declared a national park in 1980. Kornat, the biggest of the islands, comprises two-thirds of the park's land area. Although the island is 25.2 km long, it is no wider than 2.5 km.
  National Park Mljet
Island of Mljet lies south of the Pelješac peninsula, from which it is divided by the Mljet Channel. The northwestern part of the island includes an inland sea as well as a small island within it. It has been a national park since November 12, 1960.
  National Park Brijuni
Along the western Istrian coast there are several island groups among which the most interesting, the largest and most indented is the Brijuni island group with its 14 islands and islets. The archipelago of Brijuni is an extraordinary blend of natural, historical and cultural heritage.
  Plitvice lakes National Park
The park was inscribed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1979, in recognition of its "outstanding natural beauty and undisturbed production of travertine through chemical and biological action". Plitvice Lakes are one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe. The park harbours a grand collection of 16 terrace-formed lakes, which are mutually connected with waterfalls and cascades.
  Paklenica National Park
The most attractive and most valuable parts of south Velebit (mountain in Croatia) are surely the impressive canyons of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica. In 1949, these areas were proclaimed a national park. It is located in Starigrad, northern Dalmatia, at the southern slopes of Velebit mountain, not far from Zadar.
  National Park Risnjak
National Park Risnjak is located in Gorski kotar, the most mountainous and heavily forested region of the country, about 15 km inland from the Adriatic Sea. The park covers an area of 63,5 square kilometers including the central part of Risnjak and Snježnik massif and the source area of the river Kupa. The administration and visitor center of the park are located in Crni Lug, a town on the eastern edge of the park.
  National Park Sjeverni Velebit
National Park Sjeverni Velebit (meaning Northern Velebit in Croatian) is the youngest national park in Croatia. It was founded in 1999 and started work in September the same year. It covers 109 km² of the northern section of the Velebit mountain, the largest mountain in Croatia, the whole of which is a nature park, a lesser category of nature conservation. Another national park on Velebit is the Paklenica on its southern side.
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