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RISNJAK - National Park, Croatia
Following the proposal of one of the most famous Croatian botanist, PhD Ivo Horvat, on 15th September 1953 the parliament of then Socialist Republic of Croatia declared the forest around Risnjak to be a national park. It is located in Gorski kotar, the most mountainous and heavily forested region of the country, about 15 km inland from the Adriatic Sea. The park covers an area of 63,5 square kilometers including the central part of Risnjak and Snježnik massif and the source area of the river Kupa. The administration and visitor center of the park are located in Crni Lug, a town on the eastern edge of the park.

Although Risnjak is of only a modest altitude, it is nevertheless a very significant climatic and vegetational barrier between coastal and continental parts of Croatia. Adriatic and continental weather patterns collide here and play a significant role in determining the park's climate. It has pleasantly warm summers and an average temperature of up to 22°C; springs and autumns are rainy, and the winter is long and snowy.

Risnjak is extremely interesting for mountaineers and mountain bikers, while the River Kupa is ideal for kayaking and canoeing. Due to its closeness to major road connections (motorway Zagreb - Rijeka) and vicinity of major tourist centers on the coastline it is one of the most visited National Park in Croatia.
The park is home to mammals such as the brown bear, red deer, roe deer, chamois, wild boar, wolf, pine marten, stone marten, badger, weasel, squirrel and dormouse. The most important animal used to be the lynx (Croatian ris), after which Risnjak got its name. Lynx was exterminated during the 19th century and has returned to Risnjak three decades ago, after a successful reintroduction project in neighboring Slovenia.   Mountain rivers and streams provide habitats for common trout and other fish of the Salmonidae family.
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Educational path Leska
This path was created by the park administration 1993. It is a circular walk 4.5 km long, beginning and ending at the visitor center in Crni Lug. The path passes through areas of different vegetations and through many different karstic features.

Source of Kupa
The river Kupa has its source at the park's lowest point, in an oval pond some 50 m wide. The pond has the been target of numerous expeditions to determine its depth. The researches made so far show that the water springs out of two separate channels. The narrower channel is 86 m deep and the wider one 57 m. The source can be reached by half an hour's walk from the village of Razloge.
Educational path Leska Source of Kupa
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