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Nikola tesla in his lab
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NIKOLA TESLA - Genius who lit the world
Nikola Tesla, the eccentric - and unbelievably under-rated - genius, was without doubt one of the greatest minds in the history of the human race. If it weren't for this slightly manic genius, you wouldn't be reading this page, you probably wouldn't be doing it in a brightly-lighted room - and you certainly wouldn't be reading it on your computer.  Tesla invented the alternating-current generator that provides your light and electricity, the transformer through which it is sent, fluorescent light, and even the high voltage coil of your picture tube. In short, Nicola Tesla has invented the technologies on which our modern world is built. Scientists are still discovering what Tesla has predicted, are still studying his theories and research. His work is still, in many ways, future technology.

Tesla was one of the world’s most original and greatest inventors and thinkers, but also one of the most mysterious and controversial scientists in history. Because he was so original and out of his time, his genius was frequently mistaken for insanity and science fiction. Maybe next time, the world will recognize a true genius when it comes around.

Scientists today continue to scour through his notes. Many of his far-flung theories are just now being proven by our top scientists. For example, the Tesla bladeless disk turbine engine that he designed, when coupled with modern materials, is proving to be among the most efficient motors ever designed. His 1901 patented experiments with cryogenic liquids and electricity provide the foundation for modern superconductors. He talked about experiments that suggested particles with fractional charges of an electron – something that scientists in 1977 finally discovered – quarks!

Nicola Tesla had an amazing mind, he was a scientist, an engineer, an inventor, a mystic and poet. His mind was too great to be fully appreciated by the people of his time. During his lifetime he patented more than 700 inventions. It was Nikola TESLA who invented the today used AC polyphase electric distribution power system in all its part of generation, transmission and consumption.

It was Tesla, not EDISON, who has made the world-wide use of electricity even become possible. Today, virtually every electrical power station on the planet owes its existence to Tesla, as his creation has remained unchanged a full century after its conceptualization. As a single individual, Tesla altered the course of history in a dramatic way.  
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