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ROSKI SLAP - National Park Krka
The sixth cascade on the Krka River - Roški slap, is exceptionally interesting due to its waterfalls, the lush vegetation and water mills, some of which have been restored, and much, much more.  

The beginning of the travertine barriers is made up of a series of small cascades (called a “necklace” by the locals), while the middle portion is made up of numerous backwaters and islets. The length of the barrier is nearly 650 metres, at its widest is approximately 450 metres wide, with a total difference in altitude of 22.5 metres.

The main waterfall is found at the end of the barrier where the Krka River falls 15 metres into Visovac Lake. Travertine formations at the waterfall are made up of caves, tufts, thresholds, small barriers and tapers. The tapers appear at the base of the main waterfall and represent the specificity of the Roški slap cascades.

In 1910, on the right bank of the river, the Roški slap hydroelectric plant was constructed. Over the waterfall, there is a road that dates back to Roman times. On both riverbanks, there are numerous mills, several of which have been restored and returned to their original function. Next to the mills, there is a renovated pillar for wool production and a valjavica for washing fabrics, which have a special cultural and historical significance and as such are monuments of rural architectural and trade history. Due to their primary function and expression of rural life, these structures are considered to be ethnographic monuments.

You can reach Roški slap via the river from Skradinski Buk by excursion boat provided by the Public Institution of Krka National Park.
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