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SKRADINSKI BUK - Travertine cascades - Photo gallery 2
The combined waters of the Krka and Čikola Rivers flow over the 17 steps at Skradinski buk, distributed along the 800 metres in length. The width of the cascades is between 200 and 400 metres with a total height difference of 45.7 metres. Travertine formations in the upper portion of the river include thresholds, travertine islands, draperies and barriers, while the lower portion has caves and tufts. The rate of flow is 43 m³ a second in winter, 18 m³ in summer, with an average of 55 cubic metres a second flowing down Skradinski Buk annually, but it can reach up to 300 m³  litres during the rainy season. . It is the largest travertine cascade system in Europe.
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