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Riva - Waterfront of Zadar
In most Croatian cities that face the sea, the Riva is usually a public "runway" where people go to see and be seen dressed in their trendiest outfits, always accessorized with an ice-cream cone. In Zadar, the Riva is a path through a sort of waterfront park between Old Town and the sea, more garden walk than sidewalk. At night Zadar's beautifully landscaped Riva is a hive of activity, with a few vendors' stalls, traditional a cappella groups singing as they stroll, and folks getting exercise. By day, the Riva is a park and beach where people aren't shy about stripping down and taking a dip.
Midway along the Riva, you'll come across the Sea organ. It is difficult to classify the Sea organ as anything but an art installation with its smooth, wide, white stone steps and ever changing audience of passersby who come to marvel at the sea's musical talent. The site is a source of constantly changing sound created by the organ's 35 pipes, which have underwater whistles. Sea motion drives air and water through the whistles' openings, producing an endless string of sounds that vary according to the force and speed of the waves. It is now a center for gathering, a good destination on a walk through town, and also a great place to enjoy Zadar's exceptional sunset.  

The organ was designed by architect Nikola Basic and built by experts from Zagreb and Murter Island. It was installed in spring 2005 and won the European Prize for Urban Space shortly thereafter.

After the world-known Sea Organs, Zadar has become wealthier with one more urban installation. On Istarska obala, at the very end of the Zadar peninsula, next to the famous Sea Organs, shines the Greeting to the Sun made by the same architect Nikola Bašić. Simultaneously with the „most beautiful sunset in the world" the lighting elements installed in a circle turn on, and, following a particularly programmed scenario, they produce a marvelous, exceptionally impressive show of light in the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the Sea organs.

The Riva also goes past Zadar’s university which is a dominant point of Zadar panorama from the sea. Founded in 1396, it is the oldest university in the region and the oldest in Croatia. The tradition of more than 600 years speaks for itself and it classifies this city with the oldest university cities in Europe.
Sea Organ in Zadar
Zadar University, founded in 1396
Zadar > Waterfront
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