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Have you ever thought of having dinner or refreshing drink inside a museum? In Trogir, it is part of everyday life! Trogir is a unique city and an open air museum. You can enjoy a delicious seafood dinner and other Dalmatian specialties in some local tavern, surrounded by beautiful monuments, Romanesque churches, the outstanding Renaissance and Baroque chapels and patricians’ palaces. Sculptural masterpieces of famous masters Radovan, Andrea Alessi, Nicolò di Giovanni da Firenze, Iohannes Dalmata, to name just a few, are everywhere: on the buildings facades, church entrances, bell towers, above doorways, inside chapels…

When we say that Trogir is “town-museum” it is no mere figure of poetry. Trogir is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. The Old Town, located on a small island between the mainland and the island of Ciovo, has been included in the UNESCO Monument Heritage Register since 1997. Trogir monuments, buildings and work of Art are selected between very few cities in the World to represent world's culture and art treasure. Great honour for the small city.
Trogir old town is on the Unesco World Heritage List
Trogir Old city core is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Entire Old Town is under protection of UNESCO since 1997.
TROGIR - An open air museum
Panorama of Trogir - Click on the pictures to enlarge
A must see within the cathedral of St. Lawrence is the Chapel of St John which is considered the most beautiful Renaissance monument in Dalmatia. Read more...>>
Trogir is one of the most attractive touristic destinations in Croatia, due to its rich history, tradition and culture, architectural achievements, harmony of historical styles, the superb climate and the hospitality of its people. It lies on the islet between the shore and the island Ciovo, connected with them by bridges. Founded by Greek colonists in the 3rd century BC, Trogir has a fascinating 2300 years of continuous urban tradition. Its rich culture was created under the influence of old Greeks, Romans, and Venetians.
The center of Trogir is the main city square in front of the cathedral of St Lawrence (c. 1200) . Click on the small pictures on the left to enlarge them.
The most popular sights in Trogir
In terms of space and population (11.000 residents) Trogir is a miniature city, but its history and its contribution to the national and universal culture make Trogir one of the most important Adriatic towns.

Trogir's medieval core, surrounded by walls, built in the period between the 12th and 15th century comprises a series of dwellings and palaces from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods.
About two hundred Romanesque and Gothic blocks of houses and palaces, and public buildings dominated by the cathedral of St Lawrence (c. 1200) make Trogir the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex not only on the east Adriatic coast but in all of Central Europe. Its beautiful Romanesque churches are complemented by the outstanding Renaissance and Baroque buildings and fortress from the Venetian period. To see photo galleries of the most popular sights click links on the right.
Trogir most important sights
The orthogonal street plan of the Old Town dates back to the Hellenistic period (3rd century BC) when Trogir was known as Tragurion. The street pattern of Trogir is based on the rectangular grid of the early Hellenistic and Roman settlements whose forum has recently been located through archaeological investigation.
Trogir streets plan
Streets of Trogir
Greek relief of Kairos - the god of a happy moment - dating from the 3rd century B.C.

This marble bas-relief of Kairos from ancient Greece is the oldest representation of Kairos in the world and still the only one from ancient Greece period that survived the passage of time. It was discovered in the spring of 1928 in Trogir, in a house owned by Statileo family, and the discovery caused a sensation among scholars. It is kept in the Convent of the Benedictine Nuns which is open for visitors every day.
According to ancient Greeks, Kairos was the god of the „happy moment“, a favorable opportunity.  The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos...

                                    Read more...>>

Streets of Trogir
Trogir’s old town is a maze of narrow streets with many historic buildings, tiny squares, balconies and backyard stone stairs full of beautiful flowers. Discovering the architectural and artistic gems hidden along the maze of stone paved streets that wind thorough Old Town is part of the town's magic and mystery for many visitors. More photos...>>
Trogir's medieval core has remained almost unaltered since the end of the Middle Ages, sheltered by fortified walls and with the minimum of modem interventions. No wonder that Trogir has been chosen as the setting for many movies, especially historical, attracting artists and directors from all over the world. They don’t need to build a set for their movies – Trogir itself is one great stage.
Travelers through time from the famous British TV series "Doctor Who" stopped by the day of the Renaissance in Trogir to film a new adventure. Sections of Trogir were turned into a 16. Century setting, for the filming of a new “doctor who” episode, with merchants, serfs and nobles, but also time travelers who were evident by their modern clothes. Most attention is devoted to costumes because UNESCO's city already offers the Renaissance stage design. Photo gallery...>>
Trogir - a popular movie shooting location
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